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By Chaplain Ron Reid

Dear Shipmates and Friends,

Over the years, we have been invited to hold our annual Memorial Service aboard decommissioned ships, in local churches, in museums and hotel conference rooms, aboard vessels on the water. This year we will be welcomed to The Citadel in Charleston South Carolina.

The Citadel has over many years brought forward military personnel for all our armed forces.  This school was established in 1842 and was originally located on Marion Square in downtown Charleston, SC. The campus has been located, since 1922, on the banks of the Ashley River.  It is home to over 3,400 men and women.

We will hold our Memorial Service in TheSummerall Chapel, which has been a place of worship for the graduates of this Military College for many years.  We are honored to be able to hold our Memorial Service in their Sacred Space. The Summerall Chapel was dedicated on Palm Sunday, 10 April 1938. The chapel was named in honor of Citadel President Gen. Charles Pelot Summerall. Inside, there is a set of thirty stained glass windows designed by H.G. Wilbert depicting the life of Jesus Christ which were executed by the Pittsburgh Stained Glass Studios in the 13th century Gothic style.  Its 64-rank pipe organ will provide the music for our service.

As your Chaplain, I feel privileged to be a part of our great group which will be honoring our departed shipmates and remembering our ship which served so well over many years, in this sacred space.

In addition, on the parade ground are monuments dedicated to each of the military services and honoring the contributions of Citadel alumni to the military. They include a Marine landing craft (LVT-H-6); an Army Sherman Tank (M4A3) and an Army Missile (Corporal); an Air Force fighter jet (F-4C Phantom II); an AH-1 "Cobra" helicopter gunship and an anchor from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Coral Sea. A United States Coast Guard Bell serves as a monument to Citadel graduates who have lost their lives upon the sea.

I urge you all to come to our reunion in Charleston this May.  Charleston is a beautiful city and our Memorial Service will certainly be in a fitting location to honor our shipmates and our ship.

Diane and I look forward to being with all of you the first weekend in May.

Your Shipmate,


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