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Abood, Hafiz,T. 1999 Albemarle
Adams, Clovis L. 1998 Albemarle
Adams, George 1998 Albemarle
Adams, Walter   Albemarle
Alberg, James 2001 Albemarle
Alfano, Anthony  2009 Albemarle
Allen, Robert  2008 Albemarle
Arbogast, Wayne 1998 Albemarle
Atwood, Herbert   Albemarle
Bacchus, Paul W 2001 Albemarle
Bader, Erwin   Albemarle
Bankston, J. 1997 Albemarle
Barber, Robert W.        2005 Albemarle
Barlow, Robert S.        2007 Albemarle
Barrale, Joseph 1995 Albemarle
Barron, Charles L. 1997 Albemarle
Bartleson, George R. 2001 Albemarle
Bates, John 1985 Albemarle
Beckley, Robert   Albemarle
Beeman, Dick 2002 Albemarle
Berkowitz, Leonard 1991 Albemarle
Beryle, Robert F. 2003 Albemarle
Bilbra, William, P. 1996 Albemarle
Binkowski,  Charles A    Albemarle
Blaine, Ernie 2015 Albemarle
Bloomquist, Clarence 1997 Albemarle
Bollinger, Ralph 1990 Albemarle
Boodley, Lewis, E. 2000 Albemarle
Boone, Reginald 2005 Albemarle
Bowmaster, Leon  1998 Albemarle
Boyson, George   Albemarle
Buker, Richard, A. 2000 Albemarle
Bumgarner, Frank 2010 Albemarle
Burlingame, James 2003 Albemarle
Burris, Stanley   Albemarle
Busche, Clyde 2012 Albemarle
Callahan, Edward Jr. 2004 Albemarle
Caplinger, James J. 2003 Albemarle
Carroll, James   Albemarle
Cassel, William 2002 Albemarle
Cassidy, Ken   Albemarle
Chambers, John F. 2002 Albemarle
Champs, Al 1979 Albemarle
Chocholousek, Dean 2003 Albemarle
Clift, Joseph G. 2004 Albemarle
Coalston, Echol W. 1968 Albemarle
Coleman, Charles, G. 1995 Albemarle
Collins, Stanley  2008 Albemarle
Conides,Gregory 1991 Albemarle
Copeland, Ivan W 1999 Albemarle
Copp, Wayne                  2004 Albemarle
Corley, M.   Albemarle
Cowie, Andrew H. 1994 Albemarle
Crain, Billie 1995 Albemarle
Crawford, Herman 1988 Albemarle
Dail, Charles R. 2001 Albemarle
Dallas, Jo 1998 Albemarle
Dare, Samuel A. 2000 Albemarle
Dauwalder, Robert  2009 Albemarle
Daviou, Louis      2009 Albemarle
Davis, Elmer E. 1994 Albemarle
Davis, Shepperd 1980 Albemarle
DeGraff, Edward 1997 Albemarle
Delborelo, Peter M 1996 Albemarle
Descoteau, Rudolph  2011 Albemarle
Dewey, William 2004 Albemarle
Dodd, Thomas 2004 Albemarle
Doherty, James 2000 Albemarle
Dosch, Thomas 2011 Albemarle
Doty, Raymond 2000 Albemarle
Drummer, Jimmy   Albemarle
Dunaway, Warren 1997 Albemarle
Dwinell, William A. 1993 Albemarle
Eck, Ralph E. 1995 Albemarle
Eckelmeyer, Edward H. 2001 Albemarle
Edwards, James V   Albemarle
Eichler, Thomas   Albemarle
Eldridge, Timothy           1974 Albemarle
Ellis, John  1999 Albemarle
ELlison, Jack 2015 Albemarle
Emory, Herbert H. 1993 Albemarle
Eschenberg, Louis G. 1995 Albemarle
Ethridge, Robert    2009 Albemarle
Exley, Richard 1979 Albemarle
Fambrough, Joe M 1989 Albemarle
Fasana, Frank 1976 Albemarle
Fauquier, Ted 2017 Albemarle
Feigles, David W 2001 Albemarle
Finlaw, David   Albemarle
Fissel, James L. 2003 Albemarle
Fletcher, Harold C. 1998 Albemarle
Flick, Robert                   2001 Albemarle
Foley, Francis ( Mike )      Albemarle
Franklin, Stanley   Albemarle
Galvin, James P.              1966 Albemarle
Gamache, Peter R.   Albemarle
Garbula, Leonard J. 1970 Albemarle
Garfield, Floyd M 1999 Albemarle
Garland, Dallas 2003 Albemarle
Gaudette, Bruce  2010 Albemarle
Gibaratz, Joseph H. 1996 Albemarle
Gilmurray, Walter V. 1996 Albemarle
Goad, Eugene 2002 Albemarle
Grammatico, Joseph 2004 Albemarle
Green, Everett  2009 Albemarle
Greenwood, Leonard  2009 Albemarle
Grusenmeyer, Fred L. 1996 Albemarle
Gummo, John C. 1999 Albemarle
Harmon, Julius "Bud" 1992 Albemarle
Harris, Eugene    2013 Albemarle
Harris, Michael 2010 Albemarle
Hayward, Paul    2009 Albemarle
Henderson, James T. 1996 Albemarle
Hendrickson, John A. 2001 Albemarle
Henson, Robert 2009 Albemarle
Herkenratt, Harry S  2002 Albemarle
Herty, Edward A.   Albemarle
Hevner, Alan 2008 Albemarle
Hewitt, John              1997 Albemarle
Hill, Robert A. 2008 Albemarle
Horst, John 2015 Albemarle
Horton, Harlan             2005 Albemarle
Howe, Raymond  2009 Albemarle
Hubert, Fred P. 2004 Albemarle
Hughes, Wilber D. 2000 Albemarle
Hyndshaw, William G. 2000 Albemarle
Isenhath,  Robert H.    2005 Albemarle
Jacovina, Frank 2001 Albemarle
James, Henry W. 2008 Albemarle
Jarmoski, Stanley   Albemarle
Johnstone, Emerson   Albemarle
Joyce, Robert 1994 Albemarle
Kazmazin, Jacob "Jack" 2015 Albemarle
Kirkbride, Howard   Albemarle
Klingingsmith, Arnold B. 1989 Albemarle
Klonowski, Bernard P. 1998 Albemarle
Kortz, Raymond L. 1996 Albemarle
Kosinski, S. W 1988 Albemarle
Krieger,  Ted                   2005 Albemarle
LeCesa, Anthony   Albemarle
Lacey, Samuel 1993 Albemarle
Ladd, Linwood H. 2000 Albemarle
Lamoire, Marshall 2009 Albemarle
Lancianese, Joseph 1985 Albemarle
Lane, Patrick 2000 Albemarle
Langerfelder, John  1996 Albemarle
Lee, Bruce A. 1958 Albemarle
Lendermann, Billie O. 1997 Albemarle
Lewis Jr, Oliver 1999 Albemarle
Lewis Jr, Samuel F. 1996 Albemarle
Link, Donald R. 2000 Albemarle
Loftesness, Ray 1991 Albemarle
Logan, Herbert L.           2006 Albemarle
Loss, Warren H. 1997 Albemarle
Loudermilk, Clark A. 1991 Albemarle
Machicote, Carlos M.  2010 Albemarle
Magie, William F.   1943 Albemarle
Mahorney, Troy L.  2009 Albemarle
Malinski, Francis A.      2006 Albemarle
Maltais, Douglas F.  1998 Albemarle
Mark, George A.   Albemarle
Martin, John  Bo   Albemarle
Martins, E.C. 2002 Albemarle
Marton, Frank J.   Albemarle
Masucci, Eugene 2017 Albemarle
Maus, Paul 2006 Albemarle
Maus, Ralph H.   Albemarle
McClean, George L   Albemarle
McCloud, Donald 2002 Albemarle
McCullough, John B        2008 Albemarle
McKay, James 2009 Albemarle
McPike, Jessie 2005 Albemarle
Melchoir, M   Albemarle
Melton, Lindon   Albemarle
Mendell, Robert W   Albemarle
Michalec, Stanley J.   Albemarle
Mihalovich, Frank 1996 Albemarle
Mihalovich, Steve 1999 Albemarle
Milan, Edward 2009 Albemarle
Miles, Milo M   Albemarle
Miller, Charles A. 2009 Albemarle
Miller, Thomas W   2010 Albemarle
Mills, Donald L.   Albemarle
Mills, Richard  2010 Albemarle
Mingus, Richard  2009 Albemarle
Minnich, Harold 2000 Albemarle
Mintoni, Alfonso 1945 Albemarle
Mohrherr, Einar 1985 Albemarle
Monks, George W.  2009 Albemarle
Monty, Robert   Albemarle
Moore, Richard H   Albemarle
Morris, Norman  A        2006 Albemarle
Morris, Robert L         2005 Albemarle
Morton, Stanley C.       2007 Albemarle
Mulligan, Francis J 2005 Albemarle
Mullinex, H. M 1943 Albemarle
Mundell, Lee F. 2001 Albemarle
Muth, Harry  1993 Albemarle
Myers, Harlan S. 1999 Albemarle
Neidemeyer,  Glen       1984 Albemarle
Newman, Ted 2007 Albemarle
Niles, James 2005 Albemarle
Nise, Howard 2001 Albemarle
Norris, Bill 2002 Albemarle
Okonski, Edward M. 2002 Albemarle
Olechowski, L.   Albemarle
Pack, David                        2006 Albemarle
Parker, W. Richard 1999 Albemarle
Pasowicz, Joe Jr.  2009 Albemarle
Patton, David B. 1999 Albemarle
Peabody, Russell 1990 Albemarle
Pearson,  Oliver            2005 Albemarle
Pellusch, Merle G 2008 Albemarle
Pemberton, Vernon R. 2004 Albemarle
Peterson, William R. 1999 Albemarle
Phillips, David  2010 Albemarle
Pike, J. 2002 Albemarle
Pinckney, Norman A. 2003 Albemarle
Pinkerton, Harry 2002 Albemarle
Poole, Abram M 2000 Albemarle
Prevatt, Lonnie C. 1996 Albemarle
Proescher, Don   Albemarle
Purtel, Al   Albemarle
Pyle, Sterling W 1998 Albemarle
Rasmussen, A.   Albemarle
Reese, Bobby   Albemarle
Reese, John W 1995 Albemarle
Reich, Richard 1992 Albemarle
Reinig, Carl H.  2010 Albemarle
Rice, James 1996 Albemarle
Rice, Orville                      2006 Albemarle
Ritter, Herbert J. 1998 Albemarle
Robideaux, Arthur 2003 Albemarle
Roetzer, Ronald 2008 Albemarle
Romano, Mario   Albemarle
Rood, Wade 1991 Albemarle
Ruedy, Richard  2010 Albemarle
Rybicki, Henry W.  2009 Albemarle
Sannon, William T. 1996 Albemarle
Sayers, John   Albemarle
Schaller, Clarence R. 1997 Albemarle
Schnek, Alfred L. 2003 Albemarle
Schopler, Frank 2007 Albemarle
Schrader, Robert 2001 Albemarle
Schuele, Harold   Albemarle
Scott, Robert 2014 Albemarle
Selby, George, J.          2004 Albemarle
Shagvac, Peter 1967 Albemarle
Shealy, James Lee 1994 Albemarle
Shy, Art   Albemarle
Sikora, William C. 2001 Albemarle
Simmons, William H. 2001 Albemarle
Simpkins, Charles C. 1998 Albemarle
Smikowski, Richard 2008 Albemarle
Smith, Daniel 1992 Albemarle
Smith, Gerald 1994 Albemarle
Smith, J. J.   Albemarle
Smith, Milburn F.   Albemarle
Smith, Otis T.   Albemarle
Snitselaar, Gerard 2006 Albemarle
Sodke, Henry   Albemarle
Spirer, Benjamin 2004 Albemarle
Sprowls, Donald 2013 Albemarle
Stanich, Peter 1969 Albemarle
Stirling, Adam 2014 Albemarle
Strong, Thomas   Albemarle
Sukita, Frank 1990 Albemarle
Suppiger, Gerald G. 1996 Albemarle
Sweigard, Robert         2006 Albemarle
Swords, John C. 2000 Albemarle
Talan, Harry 2006 Albemarle
Thomas, Edward   Albemarle
Thomas, Gordon   Albemarle
Thomas, Richard   Albemarle
Thomas, Sylvester A.   Albemarle
Tompkins, Willard L. 2000 Albemarle
Toms, Robert "Pete"   Albemarle
Tousignant, Leonard   Albemarle
Traen, Laurence H.  1998 Albemarle
Trapp, Charles "Chick"  2003 Albemarle
Trego, Howard   Albemarle
Tweeten, Orville A. 1999 Albemarle
Tyson, Alan 1993 Albemarle
Valantas, Stanley A. 2008 Albemarle
Van Meter, Russell 2008 Albemarle
Velten, Donald  2012 Albemarle
Voss, George P.       2008 Albemarle
Wall, Norman 1968 Albemarle
Ward, Edward      2006 Albemarle
Warthen, Albert "Smokey"   Albemarle
Wasierski, Richard, J. 1997 Albemarle
Watrous, Perry, F. 1995 Albemarle
Watson, Frank 1990 Albemarle
Weaver, Fred   Albemarle
Weaver, Verne, F 1996 Albemarle
Weimer, Paul, H. 1999 Albemarle
Wenger, Warner 2002 Albemarle
Westerhold, Leonard, G. 1982 Albemarle
Whisler, Junior, J. 1995 Albemarle
White, Raymond T. 2017 Albemarle
Whiteard, William, M 2000 Albemarle
Wiley, Theodore 1970 Albemarle
Wilkey, Edward, F. 2000 Albemarle
Wilson, John   Albemarle
Wilson, Joseph 2010 Albemarle
Wiltsie, L., D. 1943 Albemarle
Winn, Roy  1996 Albemarle
Wright,George               2008 Albemarle
Wynn, James O. 2004 Albemarle
Yates, John W   Albemarle
Yeager, Joe   Albemarle
Yost, Max            2007 Albemarle
Young, Norman 2005 Albemarle
Zagarese 2017 Albemarle
Zickert, Marvin  1993 Albemarle
Zimmerman, John  W       2006 Albemarle
Zoltnick, George 2014 Albemarle
Zurawski, Frank       2004 Albemarle