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Honor Flight from Austin, Texas
Don Wollek took inaguaral Honor Flight for the Vietnam Veterans on 15-16 May 2015
Gale Rorabaugh a World War II Vet took inaguaral Honor Flight for Purple Heart Veteran on 5-6 June 2015
Gale Rorabaugh was selected to present the wreath during the D-Day Ceremony at the World War II Memorial Gale Rorabaugh at the Disabled Vet Memorial with the Honor Flight Wreath and Purple Heart Wreath








A trip of a Lifetime

Gale Rorabaugh with the 3 other World War II
veterans on the Honor Flight
Don Wollek with Senator Bob Dole.
Bob Dole meets all the veterans at the World War II Memorial to thank them for their service.
Applications are available on the WEBSITE:  honorflight.org
(Veterans are eligible if the served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam)

A non-profit organization dedicated to providing veterans with honor and closure.

"We can't all be heroes.  Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they walk by" - Will Rogers

Honor Flight flies veterans to Washington DC to visit memorals built to honor thier service to the nation.


Sight last updated 4 July 2014.