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Dear Shipmates and Friends,

I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy and following the covid guidelines.

              I recently spoke with Art Earl and was pleased to learn that everyone had a good time at the reunion in Nashville.  It’s always a good time when we get together, and I know that next year’s reunion in Pittsburgh will be a good one too.    I attended my first ship’s reunion in 1998 in New London CT.  I have shared 21 reunions with my shipmates from the Albemarle, with 17 of those years with my fellow reunion members who served aboard the Corpus Christi Bay.  I treasure the memories I have of those reunions, and all who have attended – shipmates, spouses, and friends.

The first reunion was held in Cleveland Ohio in 1987, when Founder Hafiz Abood sent out an invitation to form a reunion association.  21 shipmates gathered and decided to meet yearly, and to contact their shipmates of WW 2 and the Manhattan Project.  I grew to know those shipmates of the first commissioning, and I treasure the times I spent with those patriots and defenders of our country and the world.  When the Army and the Merchant Marine veterans who served aboard the CCBay came aboard in 2002 at Niagara Falls, I once again felt that pride to be with these shipmates who served in Vietnam.

Back in the early days of our reunions most of the shipmates were from the East Coast.  The reunions were held up and down the East Coast to be accessible to all who wanted to attend the three-day reunion.  This worked very well as the reunion was affordable to all who wanted to attend.  

Our Association grew, the numbers at reunions increased, and the reunion expanded, adding a Saturday tour, with most people arriving on the Friday before. But now, as time goes on, we are getting older and for some, participating in the physical part of two days of tours which have recently been on Saturdays and Mondays is very tiring.  Many of our members find five days of reunion activities to be cost prohibitive.

Many of our shipmates have suggested that we return to our beginnings and meet officially from Sunday Noon to Tuesday evening and meet yearly at an easily accessible location that would be financially acceptable to all our shipmates.

I propose that we have an agenda item at our 2022 annual meeting to consider this.  We would decide on a central location where we would meet yearly.   Many reunion groups do this, and it has been very well received by those groups.

I suggest everyone think about this and bring our thoughts and suggestions for a suitable venue to the annual meeting next year in Pittsburgh.

 I can be contacted at rondiane@comcast.net.   I wish you all a good summer. 

Your shipmate,

Ron Reid

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Dear Shipmates and Friends                                                                                                                                

It is with great joy and some sadness that we reflect back on our wonderful reunion in Nashville. The planning was superb in all aspects. We owe a big Thank You to Art and Martha for all their hard work. The memorial service in the historic Ephesus Church at Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage home was very moving. But oh, how we missed the soulful sound of Bruce’s bagpipes! You don’t realize how special something is until it is gone.   As in all memorial services and Memorial Holidays we honor those who served and now are with our Father in Heaven. To those of you that have lost loved ones in the service of our country we owe a big Thank You to them as well.

During the service my mind went to all those who have faithfully served our association but are no longer able to do so. We owe them so much for the success of our reunions and we pray that they can join us in the future.

As we attempt to return to whatever “normal” is, I want to thank God that we all made it through 2020. We look forward to meeting again in Pittsburgh for the 2022 reunion.

I am so honored to be selected to be your Chaplain and will do my best to continue the great tradition Ron Reid has completed. Please bear with me as I learn how to do the work you deserve.

Salvation is by Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone.

Chaplain Ron Kruse



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